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Griffin Lamb

untitled by TROVT on Flickr.

Anna Verlet Shelton
Had a dream just like this a few hours ago, but snow, not sea. 

sunrise on a train by wanderingstoryteller on Flickr.

. by Crusade. on Flickr.

Brooklyn Bridge

Embracing the fjord, a dusk-dimmed Bergen laps against mountain walls, Norway, 1971Photograph by George F. Mobley, National Geographic

Milky Way Isle of Lewis by Swordale Gallery on Flickr.

Multnomah Falls by ciaron on Flickr.

mountains.III (by

I found a rainbow by Beata Rydén on Flickr.

Demerson Sabino

Smoke Ring - 1,000 feet wide, after demo shot, Al Anbar Province, Iraq (2005)